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baby things i’m lovin

So many people in my life are having babies right now, and I am so excited. After having a baby I now get why moms always wanted to share their favourite things. When you find something that works, you want everyone to know. If something makes your life easier, when something actually works, or when something makes a difference you just want to scream it from the roof tops. I know that just some diapers and a boob probably could have gotten me through his first year of life, but there are definitely a few things that made my life a little easier (and prettier). So rather than annoying my friends with my advice, I thought I would just share it here for whomever might be interested.

Phil & Teds Lobster High Chair

I knew I didn’t want to have a freestanding chair in our dinning room since most of our meals take place around the kitchen island. I clamp the Lobster onto the counter and WeeOne eats all of his meals there. It is also super easy to take over to friends houses. The lady at the store warned me that I wouldn’t want to use it as my full time highchair since it was made of cloth, but it wipes down real nice and pops right off the metal frame to be thrown in the wash. Easy-peasy. Overall its nice clean design with great function and that makes me happy!

 baby in lobster high chair at counter

Medela Contact Nipple Shields

If breastfeeding is easy for you, awesome! … if it is not… definitely try Madela nipple shields. They are the only reason I was able to breastfeed past a week. I saw four lactation consultants and attended two classes. They all said WeeOne had great latch, we were doing fine, and stick with it. But the positive reinforcement didn’t help so much with some very sore and damaged boobs. When researching it online people warned of the frustration of always having to bring one with you… but for me the alternative was pumping or being sore, so I didn’t mind bringing a small shield that fits in a front pocket with me. At four  months WeeOne just decided that he would prefer not to use it any more and by that time my nipples were ready to handle it and we continued to breastfeed until he was ready for milk and solids. I love these things as they allowed me to feed my baby the way that worked for us.

Lotus Travel Crib

This has been a lifesaver! It is our go to for all nights away from home, forts in the family room, outdoor bbqs, and countless other uses. We tried the 4Moms Breeze, but found it was far to bulky and sooo heavy. The Breeze has a cool fold, but that is only handy if you can be bothered to fold it up, put it away and lug it to your next location. The Lotus fits in its own backpack and is sooo light. When we fly it counts as carry-on (once when our plane was delayed we were able to set up a safe play area for WeeOne right in the airport). We got the sunshade and quitted sheet with it. The sheet is definitely worth it. The sunshade may be more of a luxury as it is really just a breathable sheet. We also bought the bassinet adapter that can rock… even though WeeOne was already too big for it we might want it if there was a baby #2. I also love that it is on the ground. It has a front zipper that opens up so we often play fort together and I love that I can climb right in, which I couldn’t do with a pack-n-play or the 4Moms Breeze. We love the Lotus because of the front zipper, the rocking bassinet, the easy fold, the shape and backpack, and the look, however other light floor travel cribs to consider would be the BabyBjorn Travel Crib and the Phil & Teds traveller crib.

 playing in the lotus travel crib

My Swing Pump

Sometimes you need to get away for couple hours or store up for a big night and the Swing Pump allowed me to do this! A lot of insurance companies will cover a breast pump under their coverage so definitely call your provider.

Kanoe Baby Hammock

I accredit the hammock to why WeeOne is such a good sleeper (on top of him just being a naturally good sleeper :) He took all his naps in his hammock from one to nine months. We have a hook next to our bed and down in our family room, so I was able to move it between rooms during the day. We didn’t have a crib for the first 6 months, so between this and co-sleeping all WeeOnes sleeping, bouncing and rocking needs were met. That’s three products in one which I love. I love the way it craddles him but also how any little wiggle on his parts creating a soothing bounce, which he figured out pretty early on.

baby in kanoe baby hammock

MAM glow in the dark pacifiers

He can find them in his bed in the dark! Enough said.

baby with mam pacifier

Aden + Anai  Bamboo everything!

WeeOne loved to be swaddled and I loved to swaddle him… sigh… I miss that! These bamboo swaddles are so soft and only get softer as you wash them. I often found myself wearing one as a scarf, using it as a breastfeeding cover, or curling up for a nap with one. We use the full set of swaddle, blanket, burpy bib and security blanket in Azure (teal) and Moonlight Leafy (grey). The Burpy bibs are great since they are burp cloths early on, but also have a clasp to become bibs later. He still sleeps every night with a swaddle and the blanket. They also make a security stuffed-animal… how cute!

baby sleeping with swaddle blanket

Tommee Tippee Easi-Mat

This is a restaurant’s best-friend. We keep one in our diaper bag and I tend to do a double check for it more than diapers before we leave the house. His plate stays put without someone keeping one hand on his meal so everyone can enjoy their dinner. Since we use glass bottles and plates at home as well we keep a second mat in front of his Lobster. Don’t get me wrong if he REALLY tries he can pry the plate off, but normally I can see the gritted teeth look of determination in progress and intercept his mission.

Cloud Baby Monitor or Wifi Camera

If you have more than one ‘iDevice’, the Cloud Baby Monitor app is a good option for a baby monitor. Just download it on two devices and you’re done. Major drawback compared to a traditional baby monitor is the lack of night-vision, which was the reason we eventually cracked and got a Polaroid Wifi camera to link to our iPhones and iPads. I chose it because it was one of the cheapest options and it does the job just fine. Is it the best out there? Probably not. But for the price it works for us. To be honest I haven’t tried any of the other wifi monitors out there, but the reason I share is because I do love the idea of using a security camera as a baby monitor. Traditional baby monitors don’t work in our house since there are too many old stone walls that interfere with the reception. I also find the technology of an iPhone so much better than any of the baby touch screen monitors out there, so I just get frustrated with the UI and UX.


WeeOne hates socks, so sock-ons saved a lot of socks

Pura Stainless Steel Baby Bottle

We tried our best to limit the amount of new plastics that we bought in baby products so we decided to go with glass and stainless steel for bottles and sippy cups. For glass bottles we used EvenFlo glass bottles, which were great and worked with standard Gerber nipples. For stainless steel (great for travel or self-feeding) we used Pura and really liked them. After you are done with bottles they can even turn into sippy-cups.


Looks gross but works great!


To be honest WeeOne still would always prefer an empty box, wood dowel or silicone spoon over any toy, so any toys you get just make sure you like the way they look and playing with them because they don’t care.

Baby carriers


I loved baby wearing… and still do. From when he was 0-8months I loved my jj cole agility. I was able to keep it on all the time like a scarf and then slip him in quick when needed. You can even breast feed in it.  Ohhhh I miss wearing him like that :( Then once he got a little heavier I preferred a more structured baby carrier. We have a Korean version called the Pognae which has a front vent which I love. It needs an infant insert, which wasn’t that big of a deal for me since I was using the JJCole agility until he fit the Pognae without an insert. The only thing you might miss is that it doesn’t do a baby facing out carry. If baby facing out carry is important to you I would go with the Beco Gemini.

napping in the park in a pognae


I don’t want to comment too much on this one since it really all depends on where you live, what your day looks like and how many kids you are thinking of having, but I am loving the Phil&Teds Promenade

Diaper Bags: Charlie by SoYoung and a roll-up toiletries bag

This diaper bag is great. My husband doesn’t mind carrying it and it is so functional. All the pockets make sense and it’s really easy to keep organized. It looks smaller than I thought it would be when it arrived, but it carries so much more than other bags I have test-driven. It’s not cheap, but it is awesome. If we leave for a night or weekend away  this is normally what I bring with us, but for day-to-day outings, my favourite thing to do is use a roll-up hanging cosmetic bag. This way I can throw it in an purse I already own or just toss it in the bottom of the stroller. It works great! I can hang it from the stroller or change table when in the restroom. If I am really stuck for clean place to change him I can roll it out and change him right on it. It’s waterproof and wipes down great. Really handy. I have this cute one from Target (the one with the birds that rolls up) which is so small, but yet fits his diapers, a pack of wipes, a food packet, a easi-mat, hand sanitizer, and a few mommy supplies. Totally the way to go if you are the type of person who has to get out of the house a lot during the day.

soyoung diaper bag on stroller

**** I am not paid nor have I been given any free merchandise mentioned in this post. I just really like this stuff! I have linked products to amazon through my associates page ****

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