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craft things i’m loving

Silhouette Cameo

Ahhh my Silhouette. How I love thee. My husband bought this as a Christmas gift for me three years ago and it still is the best gift ever. I feel bad in my crafting posts because I use it so often. Definitely worth the money if you like to craft, sew, or design, since you can work it into every project. This is the new version with touch screen…. drool.


Olfa Deluxe Rotary Cutter

I paid way too much for this at my local fabric store. After seeing how much it is on Amazon I am embarrassed to say I think I paid around $70 for it :/ But after cutting up some fabric bibs and pacifier tethers I couldn’t believe I hadn’t paid for one sooner. It cuts so fast and so straight. I am pretty rough on my tools, so I use this one for all things crafting from paper to fabric. It even works great for us lefties that have struggled with scissors all these years.


Singer 7470 225 Stitch Sewing Machine

Whoever came up with the saying “a poor carpenter blames his tools” hadn’t being using a $40, ten year old sewing machine. The day I retired that ‘toy’ and got this Singer my whole sewing workflow changed. It made every project easy. I am not a sewer. If I want two piece of fabric to stick together I google which stitch would be best and just run it through the machine. That’s about the extent of it. But this machine makes me feel like I kinda know what I am doing… and lets me pick pretty stitches to fancy it up.


Fiskars Self Healing Mat

Pretty much a must if you are going to use a rotary cutter. I bought mine on Amazon after I got the Olfa cutter because it was the best price I could find, but I do recall the packaging it came in was a little excessive for just a flat rectangle.


Project Life Core kits

This is the only reason WeeOne has such a finished baby book for the first year of life. It made my life so much easier and I was able to add pages in if I forgot something.


**** I am not paid by any of these products, they are just ones that I use a lot. I have linked images through to my amazon associates ****

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