Next up, laundry basket for WeeOnes room. We all know a baby needs one. I picked up this Grundtal laundry hamper from Ikea and I  love the way it hangs on the wall. This way it; can be vacuumed under, can’t be tipped over, the bag part can be quickly pulled off for the laundry room, and just looks neat. However the plain black cloth hamper part wasn’t going to cut it. Here is the before:  before photo of ikea laun

I had recently ordered some fabric from Spoonflower designed by MrsHervi, which I was so excited to use. This was the first time I ordered fabric from Spoonflower, and it was great. I keep wanting to make time to design my own pattern to order, which is really the beauty of the service, but I just haven’t gotten around to it. You can also print custom wallpaper!

spoonflower fabric site

1# I cut two piece of fabric: one large rectangle to act as the main long vertical section on the bag, and a round circle (of a complimentary fabric) for the bottom. I used the current bag as a rough guide for measurements, but I actually wanted my bag to sit on the ground since we have old plaster walls (no matter how many anchors used, I worry about the weight constantly pulling on the 100 year old walls – old homes are great but also have their draw backs). I then quickly (and I mean quickly – the whole thing took less than 15min) sewed the thing together…fabric cuts for ikea laundry hack

2# Fold a small section along the top of the right-reading-side of the fabric down onto the back-side of the fabric. Sew it down to create a pocket to slip the boning through (stolen from the original ikea black bag).

3# Turn it into a cylinder by attaching the two edges using a flat fell seam (I am a complete sewing noob, so had to look up the term ‘flat fell seam’ just to create this post. The reality is I sewed the pieces together in manner that  I knew I wouldn’t see a raw edge when I looked in the hamper and it turns out it has a name!)

4# I then pinned the circle to the bottom of the cylinder and sewed it on.

Here is what it looks like now. This project is really all Ikea, Spoonflower and MrsHervi, but I still feel a little bit  proud of it ;)

after photo of ikea laundry hack