We have a big stucco wall at the side of the house with no windows or doors. This blank canvas was in need of something, so I recently painted the words “my home is where you are” on the side. I laid the type out in illustrator to get it the way I wanted and then used a projector to try and trace the words on the wall. As it turned out the projector was pretty useless at the size I wanted it. I was able to get the spacing roughly marked up but I ended up having to free hand the actual handwriting. The photo with me is to give you an idea of the size. The goal is to do some moss graffitti on it next summer… and as my friend pointed out after I finished, maybe add the word “ever” as in “where ever you are” to help it read a little easier. Type script¬†based on BuffetScript. Photos taken by¬†wandering eye