I have a thing for gallery walls :/ We currently have four different collages in our house (like this one in our front hall) so as not to leave the WeeOne out I created one in his room as well. Since he has so many cute toys (that I imagine will change as he grows) I did a mix of art and shelves to accommodate some of the mementos. I was able to use mostly things that had been gifted to the lucky kid at his baby shower.

collage wall in nurseryMy sister made the owl for him before he was even born. She does a lot of collage work using magazine clippings, which is what this one is made of. She glues all the cut outs on a canvas that has a thick acrylic paint base (for texture) and then seals the whole think with modpodge. What a talented girl!

owl paintingI love this poster for so many reasons. It was given to us by the most awesome family and I feel it is the perfect marriage of my husband and myself. He loves the subject matter and I love the execution.

taxonomy of wrestler names printYou can’t tell from these photos but the “Wondering off…” piece is actual a shadowbox art piece. My mom and I made it together. She had taken a photo of a Canadian winter landscape while on a train ride across the country, and we blew it up. Using my Silhouette I cut the quote out in the Homestead typeface and then stuck it on to the plexiglass of an old poster frame. Sparypaint the whole thing and then peel the letters off. We could have just placed it on top of the landscape print in the poster frame but we thought it looked so much cooler when they were separated from each other (like the foreground and background of a shadowbox). So to achieve that effect we took a wood canvas frame of the same size (took the canvas off). We glued the plexiglass with spaypainted saying on the top. Then glued the landscape print to the stiff back of the poster frame and then glued it to the canvas frame. I know, I know, that sounds horribly confusing, but the reality is that it creates a really neat shadow box perspective for a cheap price and an easy d.i.y.

shadowbox art workTo mix up the shelves I used baskets as well. Great to hold books, toys, and nic-nacs.

basket used as a shelf

baby boy gallery wallRed wasn’t going to be a colour in his room, but since he was given so many neat things with punches of red I used them as the pop of colour. I also love that I can easily change that based on what toys we showcase.

gallery wall above changing tableThe clock is too low… i know… i’ll move it up

gallery wall for baby boy room

mix of paintings, prints, baskets and shelves