There must be something in the water around here because a lot of people are having babies! It is an exciting time with a lot of baby showers. I was trying to think of a homemade gift I could give to the future little besties of WeeOne and I decided to make them each a personalized ‘soft book’ or ‘quite book’. So, I set up an assembly line of fabric, my much loved Silhouette, and my old sewing machine and got started.

soft book, quite book for kids

soft book circle page for kids


soft book triangle page for kids

soft book square page for kids

soft book for kids

soft book star page for kids

Baby Soft Book

1 # First I used the Silhouette to cut the words out of fabric. They sell a special fabric blade and iron on interfacing to make cutting fabric possible. I cut the actual shapes free hand, just to save some time (and interfacing). Speaking of really cool stuff for the Silhouette, I am going to buy some of this today and can’t wait to try it out (future blog post!) .

2# I ironed the words and shapes on to the fabric that would become the pages. Each page was created like a basic pillow case with a different fabric on the front and back. On the two covers I used a roll of reflective foil bubble insulation (found at any hardware store) as the padding inside the covers. This gave it a nice soft thickness as well as a great crinkly sound. Important note, if you want to have anything on the covers, be sure to iron those on before you put the foil bubble wrap in, otherwise you will melt the bubble insulation.

3# To reinforce some of the more delicate letters and to give the pages a handmade patchwork look I sewed a random pattern all over the pages. This gave it a nice texture and design to the pages, but also made sure no little baby fingers could peel the words off no matter how well I felt they were ironed on. It was struggling with this steps that lead me to buy my new Singer! yay. I was tired of dealing with my old machine jamming and I can’t believe the difference the new machine makes. Night and day! Perhaps the saying a poor carpenter blames his tool isn’t that true after all, since it has made my life so much easier.

4# Lastly I hand stitched all the pages together. And that was it.  I couldn’t do all this without making one for my own babe, so here he is ‘playing’ with his (reality: I had to hold the cardboard box he really wanted over his head just to get him to sit for the picture :) )

Soft Book for BabySoft Book for Baby

Soft Book for Baby