storybook baby shower

storybook baby shower

Last month I was lucky enough to host a baby shower for one of my best friends and celebrate the arrival of her little JellyBean. I know you probably have amazing friends, but Alana is whole new level of amazing and we are so lucky to have her in our lives :)

I decided to go with a vintage storybook/library theme for the shower. Alana has given WeeOne numerous books with amazing letters written to him on the inside cover, so I thought this would be a perfect fit. Here is the invite and some of the other decor/print stuff…

book cover baby shower invitelibrary card invite for baby showerinvite registry info for baby showerwelcome sign for baby showerInstead of doing some of the traditional baby shower games I thought it would be fun to host the event as a social art class. So here is what I did;

1) I had my talented mom write a rhyming children’s story using their last name

2) I split the book up into pages

3) Each guest got one page of the story, a canvas, paint, scrapbooking ‘stuff’, and a stack of photos of the main character – a kangaroo.

4) Filled each guest up with mini quiches and mimosas

5) and then had their individual creativity shine by painting the scene in their page.

6) Each guest left with a magnet bookmark as a thank you

social art baby shower

an arts and crafts baby shower

group painting baby shower

After all the canvases were all painted; I collected, scanned and turned them into a Blurb book to give to the new JellyBean.

Here is the cover….

cover of the blurb book

and some of the beautiful illustrations Alana’s loved ones made…

pages from the illustrated childrens book

I am so excited the JellyBean is finally here and we love her so much already.

If you are interested in a custom download of any or all of the the party assets contact me to set up an etsy listing.