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summer things i’m lovin

It’s summer time! Coming from a country of minus 30 degree winters, you really learn to appreciate warm summer days…. actually we would even take a plus 5 degree day as an opportunity for a patio. It means a little more planning to make the most of the short season so I thought I would share some of my favourite camping and summer finds.



It is amazing. I thought it would be too warm for hot summer nights, but it breaths so well (it even has screened and zippered vents) so I always put it on while sitting around the campfire. A mosquito has yet to get in. However, there is also a Lite version if you think it would be too heavy duty. There is even Kid version, which I will have to get for the WeeOne. I am 5’11 and thought I would need the extra large but I found it was too large all over so ended up switching it for a large, which fits great.



This is such a fun game. Also called Viking Chess, the goal is to knock the appointments pieces over by throwing dowels. Check the full rules here. I made our set using a 4×4, dowels, and some paint.


Tenacious Tape Tattoos

What a great idea for those quick fixes without having a big piece of duct tape across your equipment.


Essential oils for Bug Spray

For the WeeOne we try to keep things as natural as possible, so on top of just trying to keep him covered we use an essential oil bug spray. You can buy premixed ones like Babyganics, or it is really simple to make your own. Mix essential oils associated with bug deterrent; pick from Lavender, Rosemary, Tea Tree, Lemongrass, Citronella, Eucalyptus, Mint, Clove, Cedar, and Catnip. Combine with a spraybottle filled with apple cider vinegar or witch hazel, and water. ta-da, all done.


Go Girl

I get it, not the ‘coolest’ summer purchase, but handy none-the-less. I have no problem going in the woods, but there have been a couple times when we have had to camp in the middle of a large field with other campers near by. Rather than walking 10min to the tree line, or having to a bare bum scream ” I am taking a pee” the GoGirl allowed an easy¬† alternative. Also great for mosquito ridden woods or yummy concert port-a-potties.



We go to a lot of festivals and concerts during the summer so ear protection for the WeeOne was a must. He loves his BabyBanz.


Bamboo Wine Table

Simple, how do you live without it?



After having too many beach umbrellas break after a couple uses, we decided to invest in a Sportbrella. It works great and keeps the sun away, which is needed for people with basically see-through skin like us.


Badger Baby Sunscreen

…another must for our fair skin


Buckshot Wireless Speaker

Music at your fingertips. Great sound that is needed for all picnics, beach trips, and camp fires.


Our Trillium Trailer

And lastly I love you 13′ fiberglass Trillium trailer. We bought it on Kijiji from the most amazing couple. The first summer we had it I took out the carpet and put down vinyl floors. This summer we are thinking of getting new cushions. We will see.


**** I am not paid nor have I been given any free merchandise mentioned in this post. I just really like this stuff! I have linked products to amazon through my associates page ****