i like to walk with grandma poemRecently I was asked, in the spirit of National Craft Month, why I love to craft? It was a great question, why do I love to create? And after leaving it to the last possible day of the month, I thought I would share a little bit about why I craft.

If I am being totally honest, the answer is two fold. The first, a less interesting and more egotistical four word sentence…. “Thanks, I made it”. It’s great being able to share your ideas and designs with people and then have them want to give it a try too. After putting hours into a project and then having someone see it for the first time and ask “I love that, where did you get it?”; the prideful answer is all the more sweet.

The second reason I love to craft, is the process. I get to start with nothing and then see a project move from an idea in my head to the final execution. It doesn’t matter the degree of difficultly (in fact some of the simplest ideas and crafts, are my favourite) it is the ability to go through all the steps; from thinking it out on paper, to the finishing touches. So many jobs and tasks in my day-to-day design life are compartmentalized into a series of specialists, where one person does what they do best and it all comes together to create the whole, which is amazing, but with crafting I get to see the whole project through. There is something about pretending to be a jack-of-all-trades that appeals to me. Even though I am far from a specialists in most of the aspects that I dabble in, the little imperfections are a part of the project and make the first reason mentioned above even more of an exciting statement to make. There are definitely easier ways to get to a final solution (…walk into the store and buy it) but doing a craft allows me to take the forgotten, the discarded, or the unloved and create something totally new. It’s a good workout for my brain to do tasks that are outside my skill sets, and for me, crafting is a form of meditation, relaxation and learning.

With most of my projects the process is not just a series of steps, but the process of time – and in particular time spent with amazing people. My best girlfriends and family are people with whom I love to create, because of the process and time I get to spend with them. Cheesy, but true. There are few things I love more than grabbing a glass of wine and crafting with a friend. Pottery, knitting, sewing, home decor. Doesn’t matter. I love the process.

On that note, as a thank you to all that give up their most valuable asset of time to craft with me, I have crafted a poem for you to share with the women you love. Mother’s day is coming up and this could look cute on a card or framed. ­ Hope you like it, because ‘thanks, I made it’.

poem walk with grandmaClick image to download higher res pdf. If you are interested in a poster sized resolution (as seen above) contact me directly and I will set up an etsy listing for $5.

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